Cinco Taco Bar: Now Spicing Up Livermore, CA

Cinco Taco Bar Livermore opened for business in January 2018. This is the second location for Cinco, which initially opened in the East Bay of San Francisco in September 2016.

Following in the footsteps of its San Leandro sibling, Cinco Taco Bar’s Livermore outpost has already garnered rave reviews from locals: the current Yelp score is 4 stars.

Cinco Taco Bar raised $200,000 from 148 everyday investors on NextSeed in February 2017. The team prides itself on the delivery of old-world recipes packed with distinctive spices and quality ingredients in a vibrant, inviting and meticulously clean space: the latest location features several incredible murals. Hand-pressed tortillas and a “make your own” margarita bar round out the Cinco Taco Bar experience.

Congratulations to Bill, Silvano and the rest of the Cinco Taco Bar team!

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